Double Disc Court


  • 2 discs
  • 1 full EasyCourt
  • 8 corner pins
  • Instructions
  • Double Disc Light rules

DDC Pro Court

  • 1 full ProCourt
  • 1 reel
  • 8 corner pins


  • Fits EasyCourt and ProCourt

Sand anchor

  • Sand anchor for fixing the court lines on the beach
  • Keep the lines straight and eliminates the use of steel corner pins

EasyCourt is made of a 18 mm wide material with big loops and markings for corners, diagonal and distance between court halves. It makes this court very easy to set up with 100% perfect result. This court is perfect for any play-for-fun event but can also be used in competition.

Pro Court is made of 40 wide material using grommets and custom made cold formed galvanized pins in the corners. Markings on the court line makes it very easy to set up to 100% perfection in 4 minutes. This is for competition and players that like the real stuff.

Reel is made to fit both the EasyCourt and the ProCourt. It makes the setup and rewinding very easy and keep the court easy to transport and store. One reel fits one full court (2 halves).

Kit box opened

EasyCourt loops

Markings for easy setup

The Pro corner pins

ProCourt corner